Zoom Instructions

Getting Started

How to Get a UNM Zoom Account

Visit https://at.unm.edu/media-collaborative-apps/zoom-web-conferencing.html#how for instructions on how to get a Zoom account.

There are Two Types of UNM Zoom Accounts


Allows you to attend meetings which require authentication but has limited ability to host meetings (40 minute limit). The Basic license also does not allow recording or the ability to invite non-authenticated (non-UNM) users.

To create a UNM Zoom Basic account:


Allows unlimited meeting length for meetings up to 300 participants and complete access to all settings.

To upgrade to a UNM Zoom Pro License:

Note: Your account will be upgraded within one business day.

If you experience any issues or need help migrating an existing Zoom account, please contact media@unm.edu.