Business for Good Electives

Environmental Sustainability and Business - MGMT 653

Explore key topics in environmental sustainability and business, the challenges and opportunities they present to business, and how they can be integrated into overall business strategy.

Leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - MGMT 566

This course addresses topics related to managing and being a member of an increasingly diverse workforce. Learn how to integrate different viewpoints to enhance creative problem-solving and performance, leveraging the many benefits of the critical resource of diversity. This course also addresses the role of diversity in shaping organizational behavior and climate.

Washington Campus - MGMT 655

Students attend a one-week session in Washington, DC (there are limited online offerings) to explore the relationship between business and public policy. Speakers are Washington insiders who give the "behind-the-scenes" understanding of how Washington works (or doesn't) and how business plays an essential role in the public policy process.

Business for Good Consulting Clinic - MGMT 594

This course pairs interdisciplinary student groups with companies to make lasting impacts in the New Mexico business community. Open to all UNM students.

Enrolled students will gain marketable consulting experience, network with some of the most forward-thinking and socially responsible businesses in the state and get involved with the growing movement of using business as a force for good.

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