As shown below, Anderson follows a continuous and structured process to assess student learning and provide feedback to faculty for curriculum review and improvement. Through this process we identify and revise programmatic learning goals, define and implement methodology for measuring student success in accomplishing those goals, and develop an action plan for improving student educational outcomes.

This process and the feedback from it are reviewed and approved by the College Assessment Review Committee and communicated to faculty within the college and to UNM.

Anderson Assessment Plan

Anderson Assessment Plan


  • Assessment Action Plan implemented at the beginning of each spring semester
  • Data collected in spring, summer and fall semesters and reported to AOL coordinators by Jan. 15th
  • Data analyzed in spring semesters for previous academic year and reported to CARC and Graduate and Undergraduate Curriculum committees by March 1st
  • CARC and Graduate and Undergraduate Curriculum committees review results and provide input to assessment action plan by end of spring semester
  • Annual report to faculty and action plan finalized by AOL coordinators by August 15
  • Report assessment results and action plan to faculty for discussion and approval by beginning of fall semester
  • Faculty revise curriculum and syllabus where needed during fall semesters
  • AOL coordinators finalize annual assessment report and action plan for previous calendar year to report to UNM assessment end of fall semester
  • Implement assessment changes beginning in spring semesters