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Anderson’s assessment administration includes Dr. Brian Gillespie and Dr. Mary Margaret Rogers.  The assessment administration oversees all aspects of Anderson’s assessment process including:
  • Implementation and monitoring of the school’s assessment plan
  • Communication of assessment expectations and timetables to the faculty and staff
  • Coordination of program assessment activities
Brian Gillespie, Ph.D.
Mary Margaret Rogers, PhD

Anderson College Assessment Review Committee (CARC)

Anderson has established a College Assessment Review Committee (CARC) to oversee and monitor the school’s assessment activities, practices, and processes. The CARC members are the faculty coordinators of the BBA and MBA core courses. The CARC team members are:

BBA Program

  • John Benavidez
  • Hsuan-Chi Chen
  • Raul Gouvea
  • Amelia Nelson
  • Karen Patterson
  • Sarah Smith

MBA Program

  • Hsuan-Chi Chen
  • Brian Gillespie
  • Raul Gouvea
  • Peter Jurkat
  • Evelyn Michelotta
  • Jack Su
  • Steve Walsh
  • Todd White
AACSB Accredited

As an accredited AACSB school, Anderson uses continuous surveys, class assessments and other tools to ensure continuous improvement in learning.

Assurance of Learning (AOL) Standards

AACSB defines Assurance of Learning as the "processes for demonstrating that students achieve learning expectations for the programs in which they participate. Schools use assurance of learning to demonstrate accountability and assure external constituents such as potential students, trustees, public officials, supporters, and accrediting organizations that the school meets its goals;... is concerned with broad, program-level focused learning goals for each degree program;... and captures input from key business school stakeholders and is influenced by assurance of learning results, new developments in business practices and issues, revision of mission and strategy that relate to new areas of instruction."