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All departments and programs at Anderson are required to actively participate in Anderson’s Assessment Cycle (see diagram below) which includes its continuous assessment plan and annual report. Anderson’s assessment plan and report document how each department and program contributes to the assessment cycle throughout the academic year.

Anderson Assessment Cycle

The graduate and undergraduate assessment plans are reviewed and approved by Anderson’s CARC, curriculum committees and assessment coordinators. Once approved, the assessment plan’s goals, student learning objectives, and assessment practices and methods are communicated to faculty, staff, and the Anderson community.

Assessment Plans

Anderson College Assessment Review Committee (CARC)

Anderson has established a College Assessment Review Committee (CARC) to oversee and monitor the school’s assessment activities, practices, and processes. The CARC members are the faculty coordinators of the BBA and MBA core courses. The CARC team members are:

BBA Program

  • John Benavidez
  • Ranjit Bose
  • Ann Brooks
  • Hsuan-Chi Chen
  • Raul Gouvea
  • Amelia Nelson
  • Karen Patterson
  • Sarah Smith
  • Sabrina Volpone
  • Kate Williams
  • Steven Yourstone

MBA Program

  • Shawn Berman
  • Hsuan-Chi Chen
  • Brian Gillespie
  • Raul Gouvea
  • Peter Jurkat
  • Evelyn Michelotta
  • Jack Su
  • Sabrina Volpone
  • Steve Walsh
  • Todd White

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