Executive MBA (EMBA) Learning Goals and Objectives

EMBA Graduates will demonstrate excellence in the following:

Executive Leadership and Teamwork

Objective 1: Students gain self-awareness in their roles as leaders and team members.

Objective 2: Students value diverse perspectives and skill sets, and work collaboratively in a variety of contexts and situations.

Executive Engagement

Objective 1: Students employ a deep understanding and knowledge of stakeholders.

Objective 2: Students make decisions that shape comprehensive responses to business challenges and opportunities.

Executive Decision Making and Critical Thinking

Objective 1: Students investigate innovation in contemporary practices and intellectual traditions.

Objective 2: Students make competent and ethical decisions in order to create and sustain economic, social and environmental value.

Executive Implementation

Objective 1: Students combine their new knowledge, extensive experiences and experiential projects to address organizational challenges.

Objective 2: Students act on opportunities in the complex and changing global environment.

(Approved by Anderson faculty Fall, 2016)