Anderson Hosts a Symposium on Financial Services and NM ‘Public(s)’

March 1, 2020 - Veronica Gualeni

finance-class.jpgOn February 29th, Anderson Professors Dr. Manuel Montoya and Dr. Reilly White hosted Banking on a Diverse Public: A Symposium on Financial Services and New Mexican 'Public(s)'. This symposium brought together diverse business, political, and activist leaders from around New Mexico to discuss the role of Publics in fostering financial inclusivity.

After opening remarks from Assata Zerai (VP of Equity and Inclusion at UNM), Shawn Berman (Interim Dean of the Anderson School), and Doug Brown (President of the UNM Board of Regents), Dr. Montoya and Dr. White moderated a panel discussion with the Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity (AFLEP). The panel discussions surrounded the urgency for creating financial inclusion, the pressing economic realities in New Mexico, and the potential role of Publics in rural economic development. Official respondents included UNM students Martha Becerra, David Juarez Davila, a Fulbright Fellow, and Mia Amin of the Center for Financial Capability. Other respondents included Paul O'Connell, an NMSU professor, and a former economist for the World Bank.

nm-map.jpgIn the afternoon, attendees were invited to four workshops facilitated by Dr. Montoya, Dr. White, the AFLEP, and UNM graduate student Audriana Stark. During the workshops, attendees:

  • Created a 'living glossary' of important terms to provide for a more inclusive financial landscape
  • Utilized a map of New Mexico to define their public spaces and identify the role of Publics in shaping the landscape
  • Identified and discussed the financial services needed to provide a more inclusive landscape
  • Developed community engagement roles, branding, and strategies for an inclusive NM financial system

Additional support was provided by UNM Anderson graduate students Francis Nichol, Kenan Mammadli, and Adam Depies. Dr. Montoya and Dr. White want to thank the financial and community support from the sponsors at the Anderson School of Management, University College, and the Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity.