Peter Sanchez -- UNM Anderson becomes a family tradition

July 27, 2023 - Megan Borders

Peter Sanchez and FamilyPeter Sanchez enrolled at the UNM Anderson School of Management in 1982 to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting. Unbeknownst to him, his time at Anderson would lay the foundation for a family legacy of not only a passion for higher education but specifically studying at Anderson and The University of New Mexico.

Peter's wife Claudia and daughter Sofia are enrolled at Anderson seeking their MBA and BBA degrees, respectively, and Claudia expects to graduate this fall. Their son Maximillian graduated from UNM in 2021 with his sociology degree and their youngest daughter Beliza begins her college journey at UNM this fall. She is researching programs to find the best fit for her interests.

Sofia shared with her dad that her professors at Anderson are kind and helpful. She specifically talked about Ryan Knight, an accounting professor, who brings in guest speakers for his classes in different areas of accounting. "As an undergraduate student, I'm able to learn from these speakers the scope of possibilities that an accounting degree can provide," she said.

Maximillian added, "Embracing our family's legacy of advanced learning at The University of New Mexico was a proud commitment in my own academic pursuits," he said. "It was also not just about me. It's a shared journey of growth and a bond that unites our family through the generations."

During his time at Anderson, Peter learned how to couple his childhood interest in numbers, reading and studying box scores and sports statistics, with his business acumen. He was also inspired by a business law professor who was a certified public accountant and an attorney. She showed Peter how to use these licensures together to create his own career path. After graduating with his BBA in Accounting in 1984, Peter went on to obtain his JD. Peter attributes his networking skills, ability to learn, and overall professionalism to the lessons he learned from Anderson, both in and outside of the classroom. "Anderson helped me structure a lifelong passion in a way I still use today. It's a great place for students to learn about themselves, and the education they receive will help push them to the next level."

Today, Peter is the CEO of Atrisco Companies, a social enterprise based here in Albuquerque. The Atrisco Companies is a set of nonprofit companies established to maintain and honor the rich history of the original Atrisco Land Grant from Spain in 1692. The company's dual purpose of supporting continued education and cultural preservation, in conjunction with his own college experience and its importance in his life, motivated Peter to partner with the Anderson School to establish the Atrisco Heritage Foundation Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship will help Anderson students pursue their own higher education during difficult financial times.

The Sanchez family values embody what it means to be a Lobo, and the Anderson School is proud to call them alumni and friends.