UNM Anderson’s Executive MBA Immersion Offers International Perspective

October 24, 2023 - Megan Borders

In March, UNM Anderson's Executive MBA Class of 2023 visited several Italian locations for a weeklong international immersion experience. Most notably the group traveled to Puglia, where the 2024 G7 Summit conference takes place.

The intent behind the immersion week is to enhance students' education by exposing them to global management perspectives and expanding their professional networks through meeting international business executives and government leaders. These meetings provided the EMBA students with opportunities to learn from the company executives directly about their business strategies and communication techniques.

With Professor Lucio Lanucara, the students studied how Puglia overcame economic and social crises by relying on areas of cultural significance, such as their beaches, historic farmhouses, food and other historic centers.

Lanucara said, "This model of development is what I call culturally sustainable development. I believe it can be applied to New Mexico, given the similarity of both areas having rich cultures and histories."

The basis of Lanucara's economic development theory is drawing on the specific culture's norms, customs and traditions that are key to its identity. Combining them creates the potential for sustainable development. Overall, it preserves the area's identity and its resources for future generations.

"Thanks to the immersion week in Italy, I learned many new business strategies, including a new marketing term, hackvertising, which is the action of integrating your company's product or service into existing conversations to gain free advertising," said Ivan Olay, a 2023 EMBA graduate. "I have grown personally and professionally over the course of the program, particularly in expanding my network across industries and globally by meeting many international leaders."

Combining Lanucara's research theory with hands-on practice in Italy, Anderson's EMBA program demonstrates how the practical application of academic concepts work together to provide a robust experience that equips graduates to implement innovative strategies locally, thereby positively contributing to the economic development of New Mexico.

"The Class of 2023 found the EMBA immersion trip to be transformative by blending global insights and hands-on learning. This experience exposed the students to a location and economy set to host world leaders in 2024 and highlighted how Anderson's Executive MBA program develops leaders for New Mexico and beyond," said Reilly White, associate dean of teaching and learning.

An alternative immersion to Global Leadership is Science and Technology Leadership. This option is tailored to students with a focus on science and tech and has been held in the Bay Area for the past two years.

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