Alumni Spotlight - Antonio Humphreys

September 23, 2020 - Crystle Collier

Antonio HumphreysAntonio Humphreys is a global procurement and marketing expert with 25+ years of professional experience. He graduated from UNM Anderson with a BBA in 1996 and is currently a Group Manager of Change Management and Business Transformation at Adobe Inc.

Antonio has also worked at NASA Johnson Space Center, Shell Oil, Hewlett-Packard, and Gap Inc. We are excited to welcome him as an Adjunct Professor in our Marketing department this fall!

Anderson Highlight

"While pursuing my International Management degree, this was my first true exposure to global case studies, varying political models and history, and business impacts. This exposure drove much of my career to travel the world, manage teams across multiple geographies, and complete an expat assignment in London."

Advice to Current Anderson Students

"Follow your passion in whatever major interests you most and go explore multiple career paths in that area. If you're considering getting your MBA, wait ~five years after you graduate with your BBA. One of the greatest opportunities in an MBA program is to learn from your peers from their real-world work well as sharing your own; and don't be afraid of relocating to another part of the country or world. Seize those opportunities to learn and grow in new markets!"