UNM Anderson School of Management receives $3.2 million gift

June 23, 2022 - Anna Dykeman

Anderson Dean's SuiteAlbuquerque, N.M. -- The University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management has announced receipt of a cash gift of 3.2 million from its Anderson Foundation. This gift marks the largest gift to date for Anderson in support of its students and programs. Since its inception almost 40 years ago, the Anderson Foundation has donated over $7 million to various projects, programs and scholarships.

“We’re extremely excited to announce this major gift,” said Mitzi Montoya, dean, Anderson School of Management.

“The work of the Anderson Foundation has evolved over time but its primary purpose has remained the same – to support the Anderson School in its endeavors to deliver excellent education, enable student success, build and retain excellent faculty and staff, support local business and advance Anderson’s reputation,” said Melissa Nunez, Anderson Foundation Board chair.

“The Anderson Foundation has played an important role in the history of the Anderson School,” said Doug Brown, chair of the UNM Board of Regents and former Anderson dean. “The Anderson Foundation has long supported fundraising for scholarships through the Hall of Fame and a host of other events.”

This gift marks a transition in structure for the Anderson Foundation Board. Given the role the UNM Foundation plays in managing gifts and endowments for all colleges at UNM, the Anderson Foundation is being dissolved as a separate fundraising unit. Going forward, alumni and community leaders will transition to serving as strategic advisors on different boards at Anderson.

“I’m pleased to see the Anderson School moving forward with a bold new vision with more ways for alumni and the business community to engage,” said Steve Griego, a long-time Anderson Foundation Board member.

Over the past year, Anderson has launched 12 new boards aligned with Anderson’s various programs, including the Dean’s Council of Excellence, with more than 140 total active members.

“Advisory boards are integral to Anderson’s ability to stay at the leading edge and serve the business community effectively,” said Dean Montoya.

“Board members’ rich experiences, diverse ideas and incredible networks are essential inputs to the school’s ongoing work to strengthen student learning, advance career outcomes, and increase our impact in the community. We’re incredibly grateful for the loyalty and commitment of our alumni and for the historical impact of the Anderson Foundation.”

Learn more about Anderson’s advisory boards at: https://www.mgt.unm.edu/engage/advisory-boards.asp