New Local Entrepreneurial Endeavor - Innogility

February 9, 2023 - Megan Borders

Innogility:  Totiger & NiederhausRecent Anderson graduates Dharish Totiger, MS-ISA and MBA ’22, and Mark Niederhaus, MBA ’22, have co-founded a new entrepreneurial venture in Albuquerque called Innogility, LLC. Innogility is a consulting company for clients with new products and services who want help strategizing how to commercialize their products or services.

Dharish and Mark met as students at Anderson, and thanks to their participation and teamwork in the Spring 2022 Tech Navigator Challenge, they discovered that they work well together and officially launched their company in August 2022.

Looking back at their Anderson experience, they reminisced about classes such as Business and Society, Strategic Management, Applied Investment Management and Business and Development because of the teachings of responsible business practices and the ability to practice what was taught in the course.

They advise current students to take full advantage of as many resources and extracurricular activities as Anderson provides, from student competitions to internships to student groups and many others. Their participation in these areas helped Dharish and Mark find their passion and interests in technology and entrepreneurship and, most importantly, how to combine them into a career.

Congratulations, Dharish and Mark, on your new venture! We look forward to seeing where your entrepreneurial endeavors take you.